Understanding 'tuckpoint' or pointing

Tuckpointing or pointing is a term used to describe the repair of mortar joints in any masonry construction. This can be mortar joints in brick, terra cotta, limestone, granite, marble or any number of building substrates.
The concept is the same with all masonry construction: the block is the filler and the mortar is the bond. You cannot have a sound wall
without either one of these components.
This is why almost all restoration projects require tuckpointing. More specifically, to tuckpoint is to remove all unsound (this includes powdery, crumbling or cracked) mortar from the mortar joint back to the point where it is solid. You then replace the missing mortar with new mortar by "tucking" it back into the joint.

Safety Tips
 Keep in mind that some of the tools and materials used to tuckpoint masonry can be hazardous. Before pointing masonry, make sure you are wearing the proper protective clothing and safety gear; safety glasses, gloves, and long sleeve clothing are important for your safety. Grinders, hammers, chisels, and even the mortar used to tuck point a wall can cause hazardous conditions for the craft worker. Craft-workers should be properly trained to use the tools and materials needed to perform the task at hand.

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