Swimming Pool tips and Maintenance

Swimming pools are wonderful, whether you have a spacious in-ground pool or an aboveground pool. They provide a place for your family to come together and relax, a place for fitness and offer the ability to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, maintaining swimming pools correctly is very important. Without proper maintenance, you’ll find that your pool can be a source of problems rather than a relaxing, fun place to spend time.

 Check the pH Regularly 

Swimming pools need to have the right pH level in order for you to enjoy them and to help decrease
the chance of algae growing in the water. The water can be neither too alkaline nor too acidic. You need to make sure you check the pH of your water regularly. One of the most important times to check the pH level in swimming pools is just after a rain, as you will often have to add more chlorine to bring the pH back to an optimal level.

 Cleaning Swimming Pools 

Another important aspect of maintaining your pool is to make sure you clean it regularly. You should vacuum and remove debris from the pool daily. This helps ensure that leaves, branches and other debris do not get into the filter and cause damage. It also helps prevent natural debris from beginning to break down in the water, which can help encourage the growth of algae and create cloudy water in swimming pools. You should also make sure that you brush the walls and floor of the pool weekly (use a vacuum to do this).

 Shock Your Pool Regularly 

Shocking swimming pools is one of the most important steps to eliminating cloudy, murky water and eliminating algae growth. Shock your pool after rains and after having a large number of people in your pool.

 Filter Considerations for Swimming Pools

 Filters help keep swimming pools clean by cleansing and filtering the water as it is recirculated. Make sure you check your filter regularly (two or three times per year at least). If there is any buildup of oil or grime, use a quality cleanser to remove it. Periodically check for debris that might have gotten into the system and remove it as well. These maintenance tips for swimming pools will help ensure that you and your family are able to enjoy a healthy experience while in the water all year long.

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