Go Back to the Stone Age

Build a Stone Wall Like a Pro
“do-it-yourself”. Add beauty and functionality to your outdoor – build a stone wall. Although they are functional and durable, building a stone wall involves hard work. Here is some tips to help you build a stone wall like a professional. Add beauty and functionality to your garden – build a stone wall. Not only is stone the oldest building material ever used, but the aesthetic use of stone can even raise the value of your property. Although they are functional and durable, building a stone wall involves
hard work. - If this is your first stone wall, it is suggested that you limit the height to three feet. - For walls less than three feet high, a six inch trench will suffice. However, for walls higher than three feet, you will need a footer trench dug to a depth below the frost line. - Build your wall so it consists of several layers, arranged together like a puzzle. - Stones can be trimmed to the proper shape and size by using a stone mason’s hammer. A stone chisel and sledge hammer can be used to split stones. - Place smaller rocks in between to act as fillers. - The width of the wall at the base should be two-thirds of the height of the wall. - Place bonding stones, the long flat stones, at either end of the trench and then again at regular four foot intervals along the length of the wall. - Place each stone so that it rests on a flat, strong bed and overlaps two or more stones below. Since the wall is held together by gravity and friction, it is important that each stone is set properly. - Using gravity to your advantage, the front of the wall and either end should be sloped slightly toward the center of the wall (approx. 1 inch per foot of height). - Outline the wall using stakes and a string to use as a guideline. - Mortar the flattest stones for the top layer of the wall. When done properly, a stone wall can last a lifetime.

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