Build a Dry stack-stone wall

A well-built wall can last for centuries and roadside boundaries throughout Europe are solid testament to simple stacking techniques. They were traditionally made from available stones and positioned without using mortar, a method called dry stack or dry stone. It’s a popular DIY project, made easier with the luxury of choosing the best available stones from a garden or landscape centre where they’re often stacked on pallets and sold by the square metre. Larger feature rocks can be selected and.........
bought individually. MODERNISING AN OLD STYLE Constructing a true dry stone wall, without mortar, is an artisan task beyond the engineering skills and time commitments of most DIYers. But combining modern materials such as poured concrete with traditional stacking creates a sturdy feature that looks and lasts like a classic. The facade has rocks of varying sizes fitting snugly but the structure has hidden, immovable strength. TIP - A wall more than a metre high usually needs council approval.
SET FIRM FOUNDATIONS Constructing a stone wall is like fitting together a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are heavy so plan the placement, have a few mates on hand and consider wearing a back-support belt for lifting. The security of the structure depends on how well the stones fit so choose square, chunky shapes for the easiest fit, using different sizes with base stones from 300 to 350mm long, wall stones 250 to 300mm and capstones of 200mm. For strength position each higher row of stones back about 12mm to create a back-leaning face. TIP - You can’t make a strictly vertical dry-stone retaining wall as it will eventually fall apart because of the pressure of the earth behind it. WORKING WITH STONE Shape fl at stone using a two kilo lump hammer with a cold chisel to mark the breakage line, hitting the chisel with moderate force, going over the line several times until it breaks. TIP - Dressed stone can be cut with a circular saw and masonry blade.

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